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AMS 5000 med image

The basic AMS5000 consists of two units:

A third unit, the GSU5000, is required to control the GAU-19 and M134.

The AMS5000 controls the following machine gun pods and rocket launchers:





MD902 with dual XM296 machine gun pods

GriggTech, Inc. (GTI) designs, contract-manufactures and installs Armament Management Systems (AMS) and Rocket Management Systems (RMS) for light fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters for both new and in-country retrofit installations.

GriggTech AMS and RMS products provide features so important for light fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters including small-size, light-weight, functionality, reliability and ease-of-use. These features are achieved through innovative, state-of-the-art designs and years of experience. The GriggTech AMS5000 series is the smallest, lightest and most functional AMS of its type available.

Although the GriggTech AMS is designed to control the firing of various combinations of machine gun pods and unguided 2.75-inch (70mm) rockets, the same technology may include all pre-launch functions for guided 2.75-inch rockets such as the APKWS II, LOGIR and DAGAR Interceptor.

Normally, the AMS5000 controls the aforementioned armaments from two (2)-to-four (4) weapon pylons as shown below.

MD530F Helicopter Image A Different MD530F Helicopter Image

Other options available for the AMS5000 include integrated control of a laser range finder (LRF), sight and Mil-Std-1553/1760 serial interface.